Research Focus

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WAI undertakes multidisciplinary and specific research on regional integration in West Africa considering the political, economic, social and cultural context. The research activities of WAI focus on the complex challenges of the regional integration process. The main goal of WAI´s research is to support ECOWAS, WAEMU and the Mano River Union institutions in their efforts to consolidate the regional integration process in West Africa. On this basis, WAI makes strategic recommendations published in English, French and Portuguese and disseminates them to stakeholders across the region.

WAI´s priority research areas are:

  • Regional integration, history and stylized facts

    • Historical and cultural bases of regional integration in West Africa
    • Regional integration strategies in West Africa and their pertinence

  • Regional integration and citizenship

    • Regional integration and the right of establishment
    • Regional integration and freedom of movement for people

  • Regional integration, governance and regional security

    • Quality of institutions
    • Decision-making processes
    • Civil society in the definition of public choice
    • Collective security through food, economic, financial and civil security

  • Regional integration and economic issues

    • Regional economic development in light of new economic challenges
    • Investment, economic attractiveness and means of payment in West Africa
    • Integrated market of actors, movement of capital and financing of development

  • Regional integration and specific issues

    • Information and communication technologies (ICT) and educational issues such as lack of coordination
    • Disparities of regional vocational training
    • Harmonization of education systems

  • Regional integration and new issues

    • Environment
    • Financing of non-governmental organizations
    • Capacity of civil society leaders.