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Africa-Europe: A changing relationship?

WAI/EU-Africa Research Network (EARN) Seminar, October 2010 (Praia)

The Europe Africa Research Network (EARN) hphoca thumb l 9as been promoting, ever since it was established in 2007, a cross reflection and an exchange of views between Europeans and Africans on issues of common interest with the aim of contributing to the policy-making debate through public outreach and dialogue. In partnership with the West Africa Institute EARN organized a seminar on October 14 and 15 , 2010 in Praia, Cape Verde, dedicated to a reflection on the changing relations between Europe and Africa.
On the eve of the third EU-AU Summit, held in Tripol in November 2010, time was ripe for a more critical debate and reflection on how the partnership has evolved in the current regional and international context. The building-up of the African Union, the continued development of the sub-regional African economic communities(REC's)  and the subsequent reconfiguration of the pan-African architecture (e.g. in the areas of peace and security as well as governance; with the integration of NEPAD into the AU structures); the institutional changephoca thumb l 6s in the EU with the adoption of the Lisbon Treaty; and global challenges (e.g. the impact of the international financial crisis; efforts in attaining the Millennium Development Goals;  the impact of and the adaptation to climate change; food security) offered ample opportunities for a critical debate of the Africa-Europe partnership.

The conference also addressed the emergence of new actors in Africa and greater South-South cooperation. These trends influence and shape the new regional and international environment and trigger a reflection on the added-value of the EU-Africa partnership.
The public debate was followed by an EARN meeting with invited experts from Africa and Europe to discuss and comment on draft papers for an EARN report on political dialogue. This report, entitled “Beyond Development Aid”, was published prior to the AU-EU Summit in Tripoli.

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