Master in African Regional Integration

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Logo IAO english colorThe effective implementation of the regional integration agenda in West Africa requires highly skilled and trained experts in order to consolidate and improve the integration process. Also Individuals working in the field need to have a well-rounded understanding of the multi-dimensional complexities of integration in order to successfully manage the challenges and utilize the opportunities provided by integration.

SignatureWith a strong will to meet these critical needs, WAI and UNI-CV in cooperation with ZEI and with its network of scholars across Africa have taken the next step to implement the Master in African Regional Integration which is meant to support the targeted capacity-building efforts of WAI. In addition to the training of the new generations of elites in the sub regions the Master Program also includes comparative aspects. To this end, comprehensive and innovative training programs have been developed to strengthen the analytical capacity needed to understand the implications of regional integration, the ability to handle complex processes and appreciate the different dimensions of regional integration; including economic, social, legal and political.

Presentation of Master programIn preparation of the Master program in African Regional Integration, WAI signed in June 2014 a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Universidade of Cabo Verde to work together and to establish the Master in African Regional Integration at the UNI-CV. On 14th November, 2014, the University Council of UNI-CV finally approved the concept and agreed upon the opening of the new Master in African Regional Integration.

During the 6th Study Group Meeting in the framework of WAI-ZEI research cooperation on sustainable regional integration in West Africa and Europe, WAI and its partners have presented during the curriculum as well as the conceptual and logistical design to the Cab Verdean Minister for Higher Education, Science and Innovation (MESCI), who has given his full support for the implementation of the project as a crucial step towards the internationalization of UNI-CV.

You can find the overall concept and proposed structure of the Master in this discussion paper, including a module and study plan, an overview of similar programs, proposed management structures and student prospects. Master Program P 1Elaborated by the two WAI-ZEI coordinators, Sally Watkins (ZEI) and Maria de Fátima Araújo Fortes (WAI), the discussion paper is the outcome of research, discussions and conceptual planning meetings, over the period 2013-2014, between WAI, the Center for European Integration Studies (ZEI) in Bonn, Germany, the University of Cabo Verde, representatives from Cabo Verde Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovation (MESCI), WAI Fellows and other international partners with extensive experience in educating regional integration professionals. Since April 2015, Mrs. Sara Irina Baptista Spínola (UNI-CV), enters the WAI-ZEI Team as Coordinator of the practical implementation of the Master program.

logo unicvWAI would like also to express this acknowledgement to Dr. Manuel Roberto, Assessor at MESCI and all Cabo Verdean Stakeholder for their precious support and constant availability role of facilitator for the establishment of this master.

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