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Since December 2013 West Africa Institute has extended the type of its publications with its first Newsletter. The main aim of the Newsletter is to report the research activities, news and upcoming events of WAI, as well as its policy recommendations to political stakeholders in regional integration issues in West Africa.


WAI Newsletter - N° 7 December 2016

WAI Newsletter Dec 2016WAI confirms through a new Strategic Plan its role of "think tank" in the accelerating process of regional integration in West Africa. The vision of the West Africa Institute (WAI) is to participate actively in the Regional Integration of West Africa in close collaboration with other actors operating in the regions areas in West Africa by facilitating decision-making to meet the real needs of people.





WAI Newsletter - N° 6 June 2016

WAI Newsletter June 2016The present edition of WAI Newsletter gives an overview of the various scientific activities conducted by the Institute during the first semester of the year 2016.  You will notably find the study reports on WAI Evaluation of the Regional Strategic Plan 2011-2015 and WAI Strategic Plan 2016-2020, the restitution of dialogue sessions involving WAI, as well as the CAAS and WAI-ZEI publications.





WAI Newsletter - N° 5 December 2015

WAI Newsletter EN Dez 2015 Seite 1This last WAI Newsletter of the year 2015 announces the upcoming Master Program on African Regional Integration sheduled to start in the academic year 2016/2017. Further more, it reports about the recents WAI Activities, WAI publications and WAI visits. Last but not least, it relates on the establishment of an African Regional Integration Studies Association (ARISA) which constituted its Inaugural Assembly in November 2015.



 WAI Newsletter - N° 4 June 2015

WAI Newsletter June 2015 EN 1The current WAI Newsletter - N° 4 June 2015 analyses the role of Education in the implementation of a real culture of regional integration, reports about the activities of WAI, its recent publications and meetings. The main themes addressed are related to the impact of globalization and the perspectives for small States, the dynamics of peace and security in West Africa and the challenges of regional integration in the West African region. The present Newsletter also gives an overview on the current state of affairs on the Master Program on African Regional Integration.




WAI Newsletter - N° 3 December 2014

WAI Newsletter S 1This third issue of WAI Newsletter analyses critically the last power shift in Burkina Faso, present the recents publications of WAI and reports the recents missions of the Director General, Prof. Dr. Djénéba Traoré, the workshop on challenges of Higher Education in the sub-region as well as workshop on challenges of energy access and energy effiziency.



WAI-Newsletter - N° 2 June 2014

Captura de tela 2014-07-04 17.56.12The current issue dealt with 20 years of existence of the WAEMU, the publications of WAI’s series "WAI Critical Analysis and Action Strategies" covering various topics ranging from the challenges of higher Education in West Africa, the dynamic socio-historical issues and the West African integration and program of the single currency within ECOWASzone, WAI’s activities in 2014…




WAI-Newsletter - N° 1 December 2013WAI NL DEC 2013

The current issue gives an overview of the activities of WAI during the year 2013 in its four focus areas, namely:( i) Innovative research; (ii) Scientific and policy dialogue; (iii) Capacity building; (iv) Scientific and strategic partnership. WAI focuses mainly on the challenges of regional integration and social transformations in West Africa.