Supervisory Organs

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Academic and administrative oversight at WAI is provided by a set of supervisory bodies which regularly reflect on the work of the institute and guarantee a comprehensive high-level commitment for WAI.

Executive Committee

WAI Board

WAI is governed by a Board of Directors composed of 20 members from ECOWAS member states, political decision-makers, key academic and research institutions, private actors and civil society. The issue of gender is taken into account.

  • José Brito, President of the Board, Government of Cape Verde
  • Ngaladjo Bamba, Representative of ECOWAS
  • Jérôme Bro Grebe, Representative of WAEMU
  • Arnold Ekpe, Representative of ECOBANK
  • Pilar Alvarez Laso, Representative of UNESCO
  • John Igue, Researcher, Bénin
  • Joséphine Ouédraogo, ENDA NGO, Burkina-Faso
  • Iva Cabral, Researcher, Cape Verde
  • Amadou Koné, Resource Person, Côte d’Ivoire
  • Ebrima Sall, Researcher, CODESRIA
  • Anthony Oteng-Gyasi, Private Sector, Ghana
  • Boubacar Barry, Researcher, Guinée
  • Paulo Gomes, Private Sector, Guinée Bissau
  • Toga Mcintosh, Vice-President ECOWAS Commission, Liberia
  • Djénéba Traoré, Researcher, Mali
  • Aïchatou Mindaoudou, Deputy Joint AU-UN Special Representative for Political Affairs, Niger
  • Emeka Eluem Izeze, Journalist, Nigeria
  • Pierre Sane, Former Assistant Director-General for Social and Human Sciences at UNESCO, Sénégal
  • Nana Pratt, NGO, Sierra Leone
  • Francisco Komlavi Seddoh, Researcher, Togo

WAI Scientific Council

The Scientific Council of WAI is composed of 13 members. Its role is to elaborate the program activities and supervise the quality of its scientific activities. The members are scholars, researchers, experts and representatives of regional institutions.

  • Koffi Ahadzi-Nonou, Legal expert, Chairman of Lomé University and Chairman of CAMES General Advisory Committee
  • Ousseine Diallo, Legal expert, Executive Secretary of FOPAO
  • Kimseyinga Savadogo, Economist, Director of Nouveau Programme de Troisième Cycle Interuniversitaire (NPTCI), Burkina Faso
  • Ludger Kühnhardt, Political scientist, Director of the Center for European Integration Studies (ZEI), University of Bonn, Germany
  • Abass Ademola, Legal expert, Head of Program and Research Fellow Regional Peace and Security United Nations University Institute for Comparative Regional Integration Studies (UNU-CRIS)
  • Gervasio Semedo, Professor of Economics, University of Tours, France
  • Cheikh Tidiane Dieye, Sociologist, Trade, Regional Integration and Development Programs Coordinator
  • Tolulase Olumfunmilayo Ajayi, Chemical Engineering Professor, University of Lagos, Nigeria
  • Madame Penda Mbow, Professor of History at Cheikh Anta Diop University in Dakar, Senegal
  • Jeggan Senghor, Political Scientist, Senior Researcher, University of London, United Kingdom
  • Lambert Ngaladjo Bamba, Professor of Ecomonics, University FHB, Cote d’Ivoire
  • Pierre Sane, Political Scientist, Professor, Director of Imagine Africa International
  • Bréhima Tounkara, Educational Expert, Higher Education and Vocational Training Director, WAEMU