Mission Statement

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The West Africa Institute (WAI) promotes innovative research and knowledge-based decision-making in the area of regional integration.

Governing means planning, but before planning, it is necessary to collect, analyze and cross-check relevant data in order to reach conclusions that are likely to give answers to the urgent questions arising in the process of West African regional integration. To that end, research and outreach activities at WAI are intended to support strategic choices which can contribute to a better implementation of the objectives of regional integration in West Africa. The work of WAI is also focusing on capacity-building in West African regional integration.

WAI analyzes obstacles, constraints and challenges to West African regional integration and offers solutions for regional integration in connection with the social transformations that arise from it West Africa.

Established in 2010 to support and consolidate regional integration in West Africa, WAI combines research with public outreach and capacity building in order to strengthen the actors and processes of regional integration in West Africa.