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Cabo Verde - Preparation of the African Economic Conference (AEC) - Meeting of the Joint UNDP - UNUFAP - UNICEF Office with Academic and Research Institutions, Praia & Mindelo, June 21, 2021

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The Joint Office of UNDP, UNUFPA and UNICEF based in Praia, Achada Santo António (ASA), Republic of Cabo Verde, invited the Director General of the West Africa Institute (WAI) to participate in a meeting of the UNDP Regional Office for Africa for Strategy, Analysis and Research (SART) with a view to participating in a brief consultation with Cabverdean academic and research institutions, Monday, June 21, at 2:30 p.m. at 4:30 p.m., at the United Nations House at ASA.

UNDP participants at the meeting were:

Mr. Raymond Gilpin, Chief Economist, UNDP Regional Office for Africa;

Mr. El Hadji Fall, Principal Economist, UNDP Regional Office for Africa;

Mr. Christopher Lilyblad, Acting Head of Strategy and Policy Unit, UNDP Joint Office, Praia;

Ms. Maria Gonçalves from the UNDP Joint Office, Praia.

The meeting took place within the framework of the preparation of the “African Economic Conference (AEC)” which is scheduled this year in Cabo Verde, at the Hilton Hotel of the Island of Sal, from December 02 to 04, 2021. For this purpose, a mission of the Strategy, Analysis and Research (SART) team of the UNDP Regional Office for Africa visited Cabo Verde from 20 to 23 June, with the aim, with the UNDP Representation in Cabo Verde, to organize meetings with high-level entities and certain key institutions of the country, with a view to its involvement in the conference, in particular the organization of the round table for the Heads of State.

The following academic representatives took part in the meeting :

Prof. Djénéba Traoré, Director General of the West Africa Institute (WAI);

Prof. Judite Medina Nascimento, Rector of the University of Cabo Verde (UNI-CV);

Prof. Ailton Moreira, President of the School of Business and Governance (ENG);

Prof. Carla Semedo, Director of the Department of International Relations and Cooperation, Technical University of the Atlantic (UTA), Mindelo, São Vicente via Internet;

Prof. Raffaella Gozzelino, Dean at the Technical University of the Atlantic (UTA), Mindelo, São Vicente via Internet.

The agenda for the meeting was as follows:

14:30 : Welcome and introductory remarks - Steven Ursino, Acting Head of UNDP, UNICEF, UNFPA Joint Office, Cabo Verde

14:45: Overview of the African Economic Conference (ACS) ”2021, the role of UNDP RBA / SART and opportunities for local research institutions - Raymond Gilpin, Chief Economist, UNDP RBA / SART

15:00 : Round table - moderated by El Hadji Fall, Senior Economist, UNDP RBA / SART and Christopher Lilyblad, Head of Strategy and Policy Unit, UNDP CaboVerde.

15:30 : Intervention of the participants.

During their speeches, each head of the respective institutions gave a short presentation of its structure and shared its research priorities and projects.

While thanking the Mission and the UNDP Joint Office for the interest shown in universities and think tanks in the preparation of the African Economic Conference (ACS), Prof. Djénéba Traoré proposed that the following themes be added to the reflection, in particular the establishment of peace and security in the Sahel in particular and throughout the continent in general, the elimination of poverty in Africa, alone continent in which poverty has increased during the last decades, the consolidation of democracy and the rule of law, immigration, the problem of training and youth employment, the fight against corruption and the creation of the link between research results and political decision-making.

The meeting ended as scheduled at 16:30 after a very fruitful discussion.



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