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Gender and Development: WAI Director General gives a class to RISC-RISE Consortium Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Students, 09/10/2021

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As part of the scientific partnership between the West Africa Institute (WAI) and the RISC-RISE (Regional Integration and Social Cohesion - Social Elevation) Consortium, founded and chaired by Professor Harlan Koff of the Faculty of Science social, education, and social sciences of the University of Luxembourg, WAI Director General gave on September 10, 2021 a class on the theme "Gender and Development" to students of the doctoral and post-doctoral school of the Consortium.

In her presentation, Prof. Dr. Djénéba Traoré addressed the following points:

1. Introduction

2. What is Gender?

3. Gender Terminologies

4. What is Development?

5. Why do we have a Gender Issue worldwide?

6. Where does the Gender Gap come from?

7. Sustainable Development Goal (SDG)5: Gender Equality

8. Link between Gender and Development

9. Conclusion

Fruitful exchanges between doctoral and post-doctoral students and WAI Director General on the causes, realities and development perspectives followed the presentation.

You can access the PowerPoint presentation here..

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