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WAI at the Africa Innovation Summit

WAI Info Stall The West Africa Institute (WAI) participated in the Africa Innovation Summit (AIS) held from 4th to 6th February, 2014, in Praia, Cabo Verde. The participation in the Summit, which forms part of the WAI’s strategy to increase its visibility on the international scene, gave participants the opportunity to better know the Institute through the presentation of its vision, objectives, activities, and its recent research publications.

PM Cabo Verde
By holding this im-portant international scientific gathering, the first of its kind in Africa, the Repu-blic of Cabo Verde has demonstrated once again its strong political will and determination to provide leadership for African integration.

The AIS 2014 had the objective of providing a platform for the promotion of innovation in Africa. The Summit was expected to offer dialogue platforms for stakeholders on innovation in Africa in order to create a more conducive environment for innovation on the continent.

Premier ministre CV
The opening ceremony of the Summit was chaired by Mr. José Maria Neves, Prime Minister of the Republic of Cabo Verde. In his speech, he asserted that "no country can meet the challenge of poverty reduction; no region can meet the challenge of development, without having proven its ability to create and innovate." In short, Africa needs to invest in its transformation agenda.

Speaking at the Summit, the President of the Republic of Cabo Verde, HE Mr. Jorge Carlos Fonseca stressed the need and urgency for the African Union to act: "Africa does not need to develop scenarios; it is now the time for action". 
The call has its roots in the Agenda 2063 which calls on member states of the African Union to promote innovation, mutual learning and the sharing of innovative experiences with one another and among the Regional Economic Communities (RECs).

KAgame Fonseca Chissano.Journalist

In his speech, HE Paul Kagame, President of the Republic of Rwanda, shared the experiences of innovations from Rwanda, particularly in the area of land rights and agriculture, which have helped to deal with the consequences of the genocide that occurred in that country 20 years ago.

On his part, the former President of Mozambique, HE Joaquim Alberto Chissano, advocated for the collective innovation spirit, which was very much part of Africans throughout their struggle for freedom and national sovereignty. This implies, he underlined, that innovation is not the fact of only scientists and researchers, but of all, because knowledge is within the people "the producers".

The Africa Innovations Summit - which is intended to be an annual affair - was a success from the beginning to the end and will, without any doubt, contribute to improving living conditions of the people, as well as change the perception of Africa in the area of innovation. 
It is important to note that the Africa Innovations Summit is a joint initiative of Mr. José Brito, Chairman of the Board of Directors of WAI, and HE Pedro Pires, former President of the Republic of Cabo Verde.

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