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WAI on the ground: A delegation from WAI and l’Université Paris XIII Sorbonne visits some national institutions on the sidelines of a seminar on Migration and Biographical Stories

UCIAs part of the seminar on Migration and Bibliographical Stories organized in Praia, Cabo Verde, on 20th February, 2014, a delegation from the West Africa Institute (WAI) and “l’Université Paris XIII Sorbonne” paid a working visit to “Unidade de Coordenacao da Imigracao” (UCI), the “Biblioteca Nacional” (BN) and the “Plataformas das Comunidades Africanas em Cabo Verde”, all in Praia. Prof. Djénéba Traoré, Director-General of WAI was accompanied by Prof. Christine Delory-Momberger of l’Université Paris XIII Sorbonne, Mr. Michaël Félix Gadras, her doctoral student, and Mr. Daniel Yeboah, a Coordinator of WAI-ZEI research project at WAI.

BNAt UCI, the delegation was welcomed by the Coordinator, Mrs. Carmen Barros, who told the group that the unit is placed directly under the authority of the Deputy Prime Minister of Cabo Verde. The mission of UCI is to ensure that immigration policies of the Cabo Verdean government are implemented by the competent bodies. Within this framework the center assists immigrants to regularize their stay in Cabo Verde, to undertake legal economic activities in accordance with the country’s laws, and ensures that the immigrants have access to education. Commending Mrs. Barros for the dynamism of her establishment, the Director-General of WAI emphasized the need for sustained collaboration to ensure that immigration policies of Cabo Verde are underpinned by scientific research.

At the “Biblioteca Nacional”, Prof. Delory-Momberger presented books which are relevant for research on immigration to Dr. Joaquim Morais, the President. She promised to support “Our Library” - referring to the WAI Library - with publications from her university and documentation of “l’Association Internationale,” for which she is the Chairperson of the Scientific Committee. Dr. Morais and the delegation later had a working session, after which he led them on a tour of the library’s premises.

PCAThe “Plataformas das Comunidades Africanas em Cabo Verde,” is an association of all African country-based communities in Cabo Verde. At the association’s premises, Mr. Tony Parker Danso, the President of PCA and Honorary Consul of Ghana in Cabo Verde, recounted the history of the association, emphasizing the support it has enjoyed and continues to enjoy from the government of Cabo Verde. He was emphatic that the Platform is ready to assist UCI to gather data on immigrants in Cabo Verde, data that can be extremely useful for the formulation of immigration policies in the country.

This field trip gave the delegation the opportunity to acquire firsthand information on the subject of migration and to strengthen the already cordial relations existing between WAI and l’Université Paris XIII Sorbonne on one hand and the establishments visited the other.

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