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The Director General of WAI participates in the Colloquium on Economic Integration in Africa: Strengthening internal coherence and resilience in the face of external challenges - Accra, Ghana – 6-8 May 2014

Logos 1Logos AUFrom the 6th to the 8th of May 2014, the Third World Network-Africa and the UN-Economic Commission for Africa organized a Colloquium in Accra, Ghana, on « Economic Integration in Africa: Strengthening internal coherence and resilience to external challenges» aimed to promote policy coherence among economic integration initiatives in Africa, as well as the consistency of Africa’s global commitments with these initiatives.

Presentation NGuettaThe overall goal of the meeting was to promote the relevance of African integration agenda in the face of threats/challenges of the international trade regime.

The two specific objectives were as follows:

  • To contribute to better and more coherent framing of the elements of Africa’s integration agenda;
  • To strengthen African interaction among stakeholders and policy-makers on African integration and international regimes.

According to the organizers, African economic integration agenda is enjoying renewed impetus and heightened legitimacy, along with a renewed focus on the long-standing challenge for African countries to transform the nature of their integration into the global economy as exporters of unprocessed primary commodities.

A cross section of participants at the ColloquimThus, the global economic and financial crisis of 2007 on the one hand, has highlighted the fragility and dependency of Africa on export commodities, and on the other hand, allowed for better understanding of the limitations of the economic policies implemented. While for nearly a decade many African countries have been experiencing spectacular economic growth, it is obvious that the dividend from the growth does not benefit all and is far from generating the number of jobs expected. Thus, majority of actors in Africa argue that the transformation of African economic structures based on the export of commodities is essential to achieving growth and sustainable development in Africa.


Igue TraoreTWN and UNECA affirmed that a key element of economic transformation is the consolidation of the regional integration agenda in Africa. From national to regional and continental levels, African governments and other stakeholders have understood the urgent need for the adoption of measures and policy frameworks aimed at promoting the development of capacities for production in Africa through the double process of establishing inter-sectoral linkages strengthened within national economies and better integration of common regional spaces.

The symposium offered the opportunity for experience sharing and dense and fruitful exchanges between participants from the African continent and regional organizations, research institutions, civil society and the media.





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