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Visit at WAI: Students of the Higher Institute of Law and Social Sciences (ISCJS ) Praia share about “The Sub-Regional Policy in West Africa”

ISCJS 1Accompagnied by Prof. Severino Almeida, Lecturer for International Relations and Diplomacy (IR & D), the third year Bachelor students of the Higher Institute of Law and Social Sciences (ISCJS) Praia ( visited the premises of the West Africa Institute (WAI) on 27th January 2015.

Hosted by WAI Director General and members of the Executive Secretariat, the delegation visited WAI to share deepen their understanding  on the issue relating to «Sub-Regional Policy in West Africa». ISCJS 2This exchange visit fits with two of the four main tasks assigned to WAI by its Promoters, namely:

  • To provide a platform for dialogue, meetings and exchanges on regional integration
  • To train a new generation of elites in regional integration

For the Executive Secretariat the visit was a perfect opportunity to explain the creation process of WAI on the basis of a clearly articulated vision and to give an overview on the main activities of the Institute.

ISCJS 3WAI is thus acting in the framework of ECOWAS Vision 2020 which aims at  evolving the sub-regiobal organization from the «ECOWAS of States» to «ECOWAS of People».

ISCJS students were particularly interested in the efforts ECOWAS is making to ensure peace and security in its member countries, and the role and place of the Republic of Cabo Verde in the ECOWAS region, the common currency project whose implementation has been scheduled for 2020 as well as questions regarding linguistic, cultural, religious, political and social differences among the 15 West African States.

In her response, WAI Director General emphasized the important role played by the highest politty-making as well as the legislative authorities and intelectuals  of Cabo Verde in the designing, the implementing and the supporting to the research activities of the Institute. IsCJS 4She highlighted that the Board of Directors of WAI is chaired by Mr. José Brito, Minister of Foreign Affairs at the time of the creation of WAI and the Implementation Task-Force was head by Dr. Corsino Tolentino, former Minister of Education (2008-2010), on behalf of the Cabo Verdean government.

 Prof. Dr. Djénéba Traoré also emphasized the need for solidarity among ECOWAS Member States in order to overcome the plagues of this part of the African continent and the role that Cabo Verde can play in this process. Indeed, in 2012 the African Development Bank (AfDB) described Cabo Verde as "A Success Story" (click here to get access to the full report in french) in terms of Good Governance , Education, Health and Economic Transformation Strategy. The country has also the best social indicators in the sub region (Cabo Verde All Society Indicators).IsCJS 5

WAI wishes to replicate this rich experience with ISCJS and other Cabo Verdean educatonal establishments and universities in order to ensure that young people get a better understanding of the realities and challenges of the West African region as well as the entire continent.

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