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Visit to the WAI Library

DSC01036On 23rd October, 2013, participants of the WAI-ZEI mid-term conference visited the WAI Library at the National Library of Cape Verde, hosted in the Room 2 of the National Library of Cape Verde. The visitors comprised eminent researchers and civil servants from Europe and West Africa, as well as staff of the West Africa Institute (WAI) and the Center for European Integration Studies (ZEI). The group, led by Prof. Dr. Ludger Kuehnhardt, Managing Director of ZEI and Prof. Dr. Djénéba Traoré, the Managing Director of WAI, was received by the President of the National Library in Praia, Dr. Joachim Morais.

Speaking to the gathering at the National Library, the Managing Director of WAI thanked profusely the Head of the Library and his staff for their unflinching support and unalloyed cooperation for the success of the library project and reassured him that WAI will fulfill its part of the Cooperation Agreement. On his part, Dr. Joaquim Morais assured the team of his unalloyed cooperation. He promised to increase the facility put at the disposal of the WAI Library as the stock of books and publications increases.L B 3 richtig gut

The WAI Library was established based on the recognition that a well-equipped library is indispensable to the realization of the institute’s vision of promoting knowledge on regional integration through innovative research, as well as training a new generation of elites on issues relating to regional integration in Africa. The library will stock mainly literature on regional integration, particularly on Africa.

To reduce the cost and space of maintaining a comprehensive collection of documentation, and also in line with WAI’s policy of forming partnerships with institutes sharing WAI´s vision, WAI is working closely with the National Library at Praia, Cape Verde, to use the library’s existing conceptual and infrastructural synergies. To this effect, a cooperation agreement between the two institutes was signed on 20th June, 2013. L 1Under the agreement, The National Library of Cape Verde will be the host library. The WAI electronic library will equally be hosted by the National Library server which will integrate the bibliographic database of WAI and its search engine.  
Since the signing of the agreement, the two institutions, with support from ZEI, have been working closely to get the library project off the ground. The National Library has offered space and shelves for WAI books and publications. Comprising four shelves, each with 5 compartments, the WAI Library is situated in Room 2 of the National Library. 338 books have been received from the Center for European Integration Studies (ZEI), so far, and all have been entered onto the electronic database and put on shelves. Steps are also being taken to link up WAI library with digitized libraries such as JSTOR, to increase its electronic literature.

Speaking to the gathering, Mr. Daniel Yeboah, coordinator of the WAI-ZEI project in charge of the Library project, explained that the WAI Library is a reference library. Thus, users can only consult books in the rooms of the library. However, personnel, visiting scholars and students of WAI, who will receive a special identification, will be exempted from this requirement.

L B 2The visit to the Library formed part of the activities of the WAI-ZEI mid-term conference marking the end of the first phase of the WAI-ZEI research project on ‘Sustainable Regional Integration in West Africa and Europe.’ Other activities of the conference included presentation of peer reviewed research papers by eminent researchers and experts on regional integration from West Africa and Europe as well as forum for dialogue between academics and practitioners.

The WAI Library Project is financed by the German Ministry of Education (BMBF) through the Center for European Integrations Studies (ZEI). It must equally be mentioned that the cooperation with the National Library is within the framework of the sponsorship from the Cape Verdean Government.

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