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Signing of Collaboration Protocol between WAI and the University of Cabo Verde

SignatureOn Friday the 4th July, 2014, the West Africa Institute (WAI) and the University of Cabo Verde (UNICV) signed a collaboration protocol, committing both to working together to develop and implement a Masters in African Regional Integration.

Rencontre MasterWAI Director General, Professor Djénéba Traoré, and UNICV Rector, Professor Judite Nascimento, both commented on the significance and importance of the signing of the collaboration protocol and the commitment and enthusiasm from both sides to work together on developing an international Master program which produces high quality graduates with theoretical and practical expertise in African Regional Integration.

Following the signing of the collaboration protocol, several meetings were conducted with representatives from UNICV, WAI, Cabo Verde Ministry for Education, Science and Innovation and WAI’s partner, the Centre for European Studies (ZEI). fotografia-1The productive round of meetings discussed the requirements and procedures for implementing the program, along with consideration of the course structure and contents. Further meetings and discussions will be held in September of this year.

The partnership between WAI and ZEI aims at strengthening the capacity building for regional integration, as part of the research cooperation conducted over the years 2012-2016, with the support of the German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The project of implementation of a Master programme in regional integration has allowed WAI and ZEI to share and capitalize their experiences in this area.

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